Benefits of Maca Root for Women – Improve Your Life with Maca

Maca root for Women

Many words have been said and written about Maca wonderful qualities starting from its unbelievable nutritional properties (including high amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and many other health benefits of this amazing Maca herb. In the recent years this amazing maca benefits have been noticed by the Western culture after the native people of Peru have been using and enjoying the maca benefits for many centuries.

In traditional medicine maca is used to help women in many areas and great results were reported trough out the years, but scientific evidence of Maca qualities is still available only on some Maca health benefits. For now, we can only trust the huge number of enthusiastic positive responses and feedback that people had after including Maca in their daily diet.


So, How Can Maca Root Benefit Women?

Use Maca for Fertility Enhancement:

Many women reported that they had great results after using Maca on daily basis to improve their Fertility. Maca improves hormonal balance and helps to achieve pregnancy. Many women suffer from irregular period cycle, the fact that doesn't contribute to get pregnant efforts. Maca helps to balance female hormone production and by this fact contribute to regulate the period and to the ability to maintain healthy pregnancy.

Use Maca for Menopause Symptoms Relief:

 There is wide range of symptoms that women can experience during the menopause period. Not everyone feels all the symptoms and not in the same intensity, but in general main menopausal symptoms are:

  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Sweating at night and hot flushes – common more in first year after the last period
  • Sleeping problems that might even get serious and become Insomnia
  • Tiredness and depression and other mood instabilities
  • Pain and Dryness in Vagina, can get worse as you get older

These or some menopausal symptoms can last a couple of years (usually from 2 to 5). Having these symptoms can seriously contribute to decrease in daily quality of life. Menopause symptoms treatment usually focuses on relieving the symptoms. Till now, the medical treatment for menopausal symptoms usually was by hormone therapy or HRT (hormone replacement therapy). This treatment usually relieves menopausal symptoms, but if used for long time it might have such risks like: heart attack, stroke, blood clots and breast cancer. Many women reported trying natural treatment for menopause by taking maca regularly on daily basis and had wonderful results with menopausal symptoms relief. Maca itself doesn't contain any hormones, but instead it triggers your glands to balance your body's production of hormones. With regular use of Maca, you'll experience improvement in your mood swings, sleep issues, night sweats and low libido issues.  Maca is one of very few natural products that are adaptogen.  Meaning that Maca has the ability to bring body's systems into balance, in this case the ability to balance women's (men's also) hormonal system by bringing the glands to produce optimal level of hormones.

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Use Maca to Increase Sexual Desire:

Studies conducted on women showed significant increase in sex libido in subjects that were treated with 3000 mg of maca on daily basis ( those that were treated with 1500 mg of maca didn't experience significant changes). Along with other maca benefits such as energy boost and along with great feedback from many satisfied women that use maca in their daily diet- this natural way can be great solution to increase your Sexual Libido as well!!

Use Maca to prevent osteoporosis (porous bones) caused by estrogen depletion :

Osteoporosis is caused by ageing and happens because of loss of estrogen that is accelerating in women that are in post-menopausal stage.  The typical treatment is by hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which increases the estrogen levels in body in order to slow the process of loosing density of bones. There is a study indicating that Maca can help prevent osteoporosis. With the discovery of many side effects HRT might have on women's body, more and more women started looking for natural solution for osteoporosis. Recent Research found that Maca has the ability to regenerate bone density! High levels of calcium in Maca, contribute as well to maintain the bone healthy.


Maca is not some chemical designed drug that messes with your body and is full of side effects. Maca is a natural food that included many health and nutrient benefits. There is no doubt that there is some lack of scientific studies conducted on humans to prove the wonderful maca benefits, but with the studies already available, great feedback from those who include maca in their every day diet and many centuries of proven maca benefits for women we hear from the native Peruvians – why wouldn't you try adding maca to your daily diet to improve your quality of life?  

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Maca Root for Women – Improve Your Life with Maca

  1. Hey Sarah, thanks for the great comment on Gaia HEalth Blog. I’m amazed how many women I have run across that have positively affected their lives simply by taking a new superfood. Love your site, I added it as link to the bottom of my article, I thought it would be a good resource for women looking for more info on Maca. BTW, you seem like your story with Maca might be informative to other women. If you ever felt like writing about your experience, it would be a great guest post to my “Girl Talk” section of my blog. P.S. love that photo on that “Benefits of Maca Root….” article ~stay healthy~

    • Cool, its' an "if you ever feel like it" proposition :)  I just have so many female readers, I'm trying to get more women involved in my blog for women's subject matters.

  2. Hi Sarah,


    i researching Maca on the internet and fund our website, which i found interesting. One question I wanted to ask is ..have you come across any women who have had breast cancer in the past and are now taking Maca?

    I had breast cancer 10 yrs ago and suffer from hot flashes, etc. I am in my 50's.

    I appreciate any info you may have to share.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Eulalie, thanks a lot for your very important question. There are no known contraindications with maca and breast cancer.  Maca is a food that works with your body to balance hormones. 

      However, we would recommend checking with your treating doctorl for your specific issue to make sure if maca would be right for you.  He is the only one who knows the specificts of your past and current treatments and what might harm you. I wish I could say something different, but it would be irresponsible from me.

      I hope this is some what helpful. Please keep us posted with what your doctor says, as it might be very precious info for our other readers.

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