Maca for Men | Health Benefits of Maca Root for Men

Maca for Men - maca root health benefits for men

There are many medical conditions that are considered to be bothering only one sex, the misconception is that if some condition appears in women, it means that it doesn't appear in men. But except for some specific and obvious issues that can happen only in one sex (for example, only men can have enlarged prostates), most of the conditions appear in other sex as well. Infertility of women is a very "popular" and discussed problem in all possible forums and media, but you will be surprised that many men have fertility problems as well and almost in the same numbers as women, it's just much less discussed in public forums.

In this article we will focus on wonderful health benefits of Maca for men, what benefits of Maca have actual scientific proof and what benefits are known from thousands of years of daily use by Peruvian natives.

Maca Enhances Male Libido

You can't always put a finger on only one reason that affects the sexual desire (libido). Libido might be affected by high blood pressure, lots of stress, hormonal dysfunctions and bad mood. Studies that were performed on men between the ages of 20 to 55 that took daily dosage of 3000 mg (3 gram) of Maca for a period of 4 month. These men indicated improvement in libido after taking Maca for 2 moths (8 weeks approximately). And these results happened with absolutely no change in levels of male sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone levels didn't change)! These results are even more amazing, as this increase in Libido is absolutely not dependent of psychological state of the subject (anxious or depressed etc).  Maca has effects on women Libido as well, read more in Maca for Women article.

Maca Benefits for Men's Fertility

It's well known that fertility of humans is constantly declining; never mind the reasons (it is another discussion).  Although most of the time we hear about women fertility problems, fertility issues in males are almost in same high numbers as in females. In clinical studies that were conducted on males aged 24-44 years old t it was found that maca significantly increased sperm count, seminal volume and sperm motility and conception rates were up as well. Maca has become very popular herb in infertility treatments after it was shown time after time in studies that maca contributes to making sperm healthy and improving its quality.

Maca Benefits for Men's Healthy Prostate

As men get older, they are getting more exposed to problems with their prostate. When men pass the age of 50 barrier, prostate enlargement becomes pretty common problem. Prostate enlargement is also called BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Men that are 50 years old and higher are at risk of getting prostate cancer, but it's much less common than prostate enlargement. Maca was found to benefit the men prostate, but this time there is significance in color of Maca root. In studies conducted in 2009(the studies were performed on rats, still yet to come on Humans), the subjects with enlarged prostate condition (BPH) were given three kinds of Maca (Black, red and yellow) and the results indicated that Red Maca succeeded to significantly reduce the enlarged prostate, yellow maca had only small effect and black maca had no reducing effect on the enlarged prostate. Maca is widely used in prostate cancer prevention as well. Maca is well known for balancing hormones levels in a body, and as prostate cancer is one of hormonal related types of cancer, maca is very helpful in preventing of cancer friendly environment and in maintaining healthy hormonal levels.

Maca Enhances Sexual Function and Stamina

More and more we can hear recently that Maca is called natural Viagra because of its abilities to improve erection related issues. In recent studies that were conducted on 50 men with erection dysfunction, they were given a daily dosage of 2400 mg of Maca root. After they took this treatment for 12 weeks, they experienced improvement in the erection and sexual stamina. The maca effect on sexual performance is gentle and graduate, as opposed to Viagra treatment that is immediate and might have health risks. Maca results show real sexual function improvement over time period without the health risks of Viagra related drugs.


The fact is that every Maca treatment you decide to begin will have much better results if you combine it with healthy life style and some sort of mild health activity. According to Native Peruvians that have been using Maca for many centuries, its health benefits are numerous and anyone can use Maca in their daily diet. Although there is no doubt that Maca human studies are still limited, but we can see rapidly growing interest of Western classical and alternative medicine in the health benefits of Maca on our body. Several studies showed good results after daily maca dosage of 3000 mg, but it's suggested to start with small daily doses and to increase it in slow pace until you reach your optimal daily dosage. Become a part of those who improved their life quality with only small addition of Maca to their daily diet.

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