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There are many myths about health and nutritional benefits of Peruvian Maca plant (Peruvian Ginseng) and about Maca Root in particular. Some of Maca Root (biological name: Lepidium Meyenii) health benefits are backed up by scientific evidence, and some health benefits of Maca still need to be proven by solid research results. But there are things than no one can deny – that this Maca herb contains many minerals and vitamins that can be used as supplements to anyone's daily diet.

Internet is loaded with inaccurate and misleading information about Maca qualities, and in this Blog we want to make order in all that ocean of data. So, if you are constantly tired and need to open your morning with energy boost; or you are a woman in menopausal stage and desperately need to relieve the symptoms; or if you feel that your sexual energies are low and you want to enhance your Libido - you might find that Maca root supplements are the perfect solution for you. Keep reading about all the amazing Maca health benefits mentioned above and many many others as well as some Maca side effects that you want to avoid by purchasing only the safest Maca prime products and by taking the right dosage of Maca, and decide for yourself if Maca is right for you!

What Is Maca or More Important – What Is Maca Root?

To answer the question what is maca root, let's climb high above sea level till we get to altitude of 13,000 feet in Peruvian Andes and find there this amazing root plant, which is the only plant that is used for food to grow at such extreme heights. Maca grows in very harsh conditions with strong winds and huge temperature differences between day and night. The soil is hard and rocky in the mountains, so Maca survives by sucking minerals and vitamins from the rocks with unique structure that contain huge amount of minerals and rare food components. The harsh conditions in which Maca grows contribute to its strength and durability as well as to the high content of minerals, proteins and amino acids in its root.  This plant is well known in Peru and South America, as native people have been using this herb for thousands of years. Peruvians tell that whoever eats the root of Maca reaches old age when he is healthy and vital and full of energies. In South America it's a fact that Maca Root extract is the best treatment for weakness, fatigue and lack of energy. Maca grows in peruvian Andes

The important part of Maca herb is its root, which contains unbelievable amount of nutritional benefits that we will discuss later. There are different types of Maca that are different by the size and colors of the root. Maca Root may come in different spherical, circular, triangular and the biggest in size rectangular shapes. Cream colored Maca roots are preferred in Peru because of their sweet taste.  Black, Red and Purple colored maca roots hold big amounts of natural iodine. Red Maca Root is becoming more and more popular after it showed positive results in research and succeeded to reduce prostate size of rats. Black Maca Root is both bitter and sweet in its taste, and it is believed to be strong in stamina and energy regain qualities.

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Maca Root Active Ingredients:

Peruvian Maca root has a unique nutrient profile, which provides optimal levels of nutritious elements that body needs including vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. It's composed of around 60% carbohydrates, 10.2% protein, 8.5% dietary fiber and 2.2% fats. Maca root is a great source of Amino acids, containing around 20 Amino acids, 7 of which are essential amino acids. Compared to potato for example, Maca contains five times more protein and four times more fiber. Maca Root is rich with minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and vitamin B1, B2, B12. 
Minerals (mg per 100g): Magnesium: 100-130 mg, Calcium: 350-500 mg, Phosphorus: 300-350 mg, Potassium: 1500 – 2000 mg, Sodium: 20 – 40.00 mg.

Many consider Maca Root as Super food because of all those nutritional properties of the maca plant. Chemical analysis of the Maca root reveals an amazing profile of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sterols, fatty acids and glucosinates.

Nutritional Properties of Maca Root:

B1 is important for converting carbohydrates into body energy.  It is also needed for the functioning of vital organs such as the heart and muscles.  

Vitamin B2 works together with other B vitamins. It is essential for production of red cells, and helps to release energy from large molecules called carbohydrates. 

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential nutrient for people. Creatures that don't synthesize ascorbic acid (like humans) need this in their diet.

Iron:  Vital component of hemoglobin and certain respiratory enzymes.  Low levels of Iron might lead to poor growth, anemia or problems with pregnancies. 

Copper:  Takes part in the formation of hemoglobin. Low levels of copper can decrease the amount of important enzymes for the organism. 

Magnesium:  Important for the proper synthesis of protein, and muscles activity.  Lack of magnesium can cause changes in heart and muscles.

Calcium:  Maca Root has higher calcium levels than in milk; vital for the nerves and circulatory system and the formation of bones and heart.

Phosphorus:  phosphate compounds store the body's chemical energy.

Fructose: is found in some root vegetables, is very important for the production of semen and is absorbed into the bloodstream when the fructose source is digested.

Maca Root Health Benefits 

There are many qualities and benefits attributed to Maca root. Some of them are supported by scientific studies, some of them still need to be clinically proved on human subjects. But there is broad agreement about high nutritional values and energetic benefits of Maca Root. Read more about all the positive Maca root benefits here. Here are the main health benefits that are attributed to Maca root:

  • Maca root is a proven solution for Fatigue
  • Maca root helps to keep your glucose levels under control
  • Maca helps in preventing osteoporosis
  • Maca boosts memory and learning capabilities
  • Maca root has fertility enhancing qualities in both men and women
  • Maca root increases Libido both in men and women and enhances sexual activity
  • Maca Root balances your hormones
  • Maca helps to relieve Menopausal symptoms

Maca Root Side Effects and Dangers - Who Shouldn't Use Maca Root and What Maca Side Effects You Should Pay Special Attention to:

Although there aren't serious maca root side effects known till now and maca root seems to be tolerable by most people, in some cases there should be some precautions in maca root usage. 

Individuals with a known sensitivity or allergies to Maca should avoid taking any form of Maca Root. Most of available studies that have been performed on humans were on male subjects and no maca side effects were found and it was considered safe. Maca hasn't been studied for side effects enough on women. 

Maca root isn't recommended in women who are breastfeeding or pregnant only because there aren't enough studies on this group of subjects, so it's recommended to avoid taking maca if you're in any of these states.

In clinical study, those who had taken a large quantity of Maca every day showed a slight rise in blood pressure. It is important to take this into account if you have problems with blood pressure and consult your doctor before taking any maca treatment.


Maca Root Dosage and How to Use It Right?

Maca root review

Maca root comes in many forms: in capsules, liquid or powder. You can take your maca root supplement with food (or without) as a daily dose of 1000 to 2000 mg (to increase sexual desire in men you can increase gradually to 3000mg). To feel good results and start feeling health improvement, use proper not too small maca root dosage. You should start slowly of about one maca root teaspoon each day, and increase the dosage by one teaspoon every 5-7 days, until you get to 3-6 teaspoons a day and you feel comfortable with it. Some doctors recommend taking maca for a couple of month (preferably 3), then stop for a couple of weeks and then start taking maca again. These precautions are recommended since maca root effects for long term still have to be studied. 

Maca Root Powder or Maca Root Pills (Maca Root Capsules ) – What Form of Maca is Better for Me?

It is best to take your maca with a meal, especially in the stages when your body is only getting used to maca supplements. Doesn't matter what you decide to take, maca powder or maca pills( maca capsules) , start with small doses if it's new to your body and increase it gradually. There are people that don't mind the taste of maca powder( nutty taste) and add it to morning yogurt, juice, smoothie or salad. If you do mind the taste, and you're having trouble with the taste, don't hesitate too much and start taking maca root pills and you won't feel any discomfort there as it doesn't leave any after taste. Whatever you decide to take – maca powder or maca pills ,make sure that you're taking the right dosage for you. Usually men's recommended dosage is bigger than women's. If you want maca to affect, don't take less than 1500mg. 

Healthy Smoothies with Super Foods

One of my favorite ways to take my daily dose of maca is with my morning smoothie. Whether it's a green smoothie or a fruit smoothie, you can add your maca or chia seeds or spirulina to the morning smoothie, and open your day with a great energy boost, that will keep your vitality for the long day to come. you can find all my favorite super food smoothies recipes here and start improving your life. 

Where to Buy Maca Root?

There is almost unlimited number of places where you can buy maca products these days. You can find maca in healthy food stores, pharmacies, nature stores and of course in unlimited online nature stores. It's so easy to buy maca in any convennient way, but still it's important to know exactly who you're buying from and that this is a certified merchant, doesn't matter if you buy maca root powder, pills or other form. If you decide to buy from your local store, make sure that it's a big and well known store and not some small store that you don't know where its merchant comes from. If you decide to buy online, you can visit Amazon and find the best trusted maca root brands and merchants with the best users feedback. Doesn't matter where you decided to buy your maca and other health supplements, make sure you trust the merchant you're buying from. We tried to save you the trouble and found the best deals for health products including discounts on Superfood products. Find your best health products here.


It's hard not to be affected by the entire buzz about the amazing maca root benefits starting from nutrition benefits and ending with large number of health conditions that maca might have positive effects on. But we ought to remember that great positive studies on animals, don't necessarily mean the same amazing results on humans and as much as we would like to believe in many curing abilities of maca, it is still to be proved by results on humans. For more interesting data about maca, you can read well known and well reputated medical magazine WebMD.

On the other hand, people of Peru and Bolivia have been using this amazing maca root for thousands of years in their daily diet to improve their quality of life in many areas. So, may be our science needs to catch up with them and reveal all the wonders of maca faster to improve all our lives. The only possible thing for us to do at this point, if we decide to include maca in our daily diet, is to use only the best maca root products, which we'll try to recommend for you. 
May Maca Make Your Life Better!!

8 thoughts on “Maca Root | All The Facts Without The Hype

  1. First of all, allow me to complement you about the wonderful article and all the work you've done with the maca root information. I am after 50 years old and was feeling very tired and with no energies lately. I found all the info I needed in your articles, and will definately try maca supplements to boost my energies. Will let you know about the results. Thanks.

    • Great to hear, thank you.It will be wonderful to hear about your experience with maca root supplements and how it affected you. Please feel free to share your thoughts with our readers in the future.

  2. Wanted to let you know that I tried raw maca powder to boost increase my vitality and energies, as i was feeling constatntly tired lately. I didn't react bery well to this raw maca and had stomack problems after taking it. My pharmacist recommended to try taking Gelatinized maca and  can tell you that didn't have any bad side effects and my stomack was ok. I'm taking gelatinized maca root capsules for 3 weeks now, and strting to feel better and more energetic. Hope to continue seeing improvement.. By the way, great and very informative article! 

  3. I started taking Maca gelatinized and started to feel right. I kept taking for some weeks and started to feel worse. The four days after I last took it I am in the hospital ICU with severe anemia. I'm not blaming Maca but I would really like to know cause the doctors are baffled as to how my body removed 3/4 of my blood. If anyone else has had the same reaction please say something cause I am still at the hospital and they are spitballing some autoimmune diseases theory. Which makes no sense since I am 31 and in perfect health and added maca to an amazing diet that was working so well for my health until I added macs to my smoothies.

    • Jason, thanks for sharing and giving us all the facts. First of all, I hope that you already feel much better now and that your doctors foud the real reason for your current health condition. After checking all the sources of information about maca root and its side effects, not only that maca root isn’t supposed to cause  anemia, on the contrary – maca is used to treat various types of anemia as maca root is rich in iron, which contributes to red blood cells production in the body. Many studies conducted on maca root also don’t say anything about maca bad side effects that include anemia. But if anyone else has experienced anything like what Jason described here’ please feel free to share it with our community and guest readers.

  4. I recently brought Maca capsules took it for 2 days and it messed up my stomach. I was wondering if I could open the capsul and use the powder in another way; in a glass of water, juice etc and how many capsules should I take? 

    • Hi, thanks for your question. There is no real difference if you take Maca in a capsule or in a powder. There could be a couple of reasons for your stomach discomfort. You didn't mention what kind of capsules you tried (500 mg, 750 mg) and what kind of maca you took. It could happen because you took bigger doses and didn't let your body adjust to it for some time. I am guessing that you took raw maca and raw maca might cause these results because it's harder to digest. I would recommend at this point to stop taking it for a week or two, till you feel that your stomach is fine again. Then, you should try taking Gelatinized Maca, as it is precooked and is much better for digestion. In any case start slowly and take about one maca root teaspoon each day, and increase the dosage by one teaspoon every 5-7 days, until you get to 3-6 teaspoons a day and you feel comfortable with it. If you take capsules, start taking one capsule in the morning and one in the evening and increase gradually. Every month or so make a break of a week and always be sensitive and pay attention to any changes your body might experience. Don't do anything against your body, if you feel worse – just stop. Hope this helps. 

  5. Very nice and informative website. I have learned a lot from here about this phenomenal root.

    Keep going with the good work!


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