Maca Root Health Benefits

maca root health benefits

Heath Benefits of Maca Root are found in enormous number of fields and it's really amazing to find one plant that is really a superfood that can benefit so many people. You can read about health benefits of maca root in enormous number of articles and reviews online, but it's important to remind that most of the studies about maca root activities had been conducted on animals, and only few researches were conducted on humans. But, the positive results of the studies that were made on humans and unbelievable amount of positive feedback from people that are using maca as part of their everyday diet as well as positive many centuries experience of native people, give us all the feedback we need about maca root positive benefits covered below.

Maca Root is proven solution for fatigue (chronic exhaustion syndrome)

After only one week of including Maca root in your diet, you'll see unbelievable boost in your energies, and you'll feel much more vital and alert. Read more about this in our article Organic Maca Treatment for Fatigue.

Maca root can help control glucose level

Maca could be very useful for dealing with blood sugar problems. Researchers found that Maca helps maintain blood sugar; it can be very helpful for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia (low sugar in blood).

Maca can help prevent osteoporosis (porous bones) caused by estrogen depletion

In fact, there is a study that examined the ability of Maca to reduce bone loss in rats. Till now the traditional treatment for osteoporosis is hormone replacement. In this study they compared the effects of red maca and traditional treatment. Results were amazing indicating that rats that were treated with maca developed far greater capacity for bone regeneration than rats with traditional treatment! There are doctors that predict that in a couple of years traditional osteoporosis treatment will be replaced with maca treatment, which is much cheaper as well. Read study results that support these conclusions.

Maca can help prevent skin damage from UV (ultra-violet) radiation

Read the Study Results

Maca can help depression and can boost learning and memory capabilities

The study examined the effect of maca in reducing depression and increasing learning capabilities. The study showed that all varieties of Maca had antidepressant effects. Black Maca showed more beneficial effects than other Maca varieties on learning abilities and helped to improve the memory. You can check the study results here

Peruvian Maca root has fertility – enhancer properties

 Unfortunately, fertility problems become more and more common for many of us. Overcoming fertility problems can and should be by doing a couple of things together. Maca could be valuable for many people who have problems with fertility, particularly if it is taken together with healthy changes in lifestyle. Maca is unique, because it helps both men and women's fertility problems!

Maca root increases men's fertility

Peruvian maca helps boost the production of sperm cells for men than suffer from low sperm count, increases volume of semen, drastically improves sperm quality, improves sperm morphology and motility.

Maca root enhances women's fertility 

Study that examined the use of Maca and its effect on women's fertility that was conducted on mice, showed fertility improvement in subjects that received Maca!

Maca Root helps women to relieve menopause symptoms!

In a study conducted to examine the effects of maca on hormones and the symptoms of menopause in women, found that Maca did not change their hormonal balance! But it helped significantly to relieve menopause symptoms, including depression, sexual dysfunction, hot flashes and anxiety! There are not many scientific studies that specifically examined the effects of maca on women's hormonal balance. Clinical observations argue that Maca root is useful in this area, but it has yet to be proven scientifically. For more of this, read Maca Root Benefits for Women.

Peruvian Maca Root contributes to hormonal balance 

Hormones activate different physiological processes in our body. Interruptions in production of the hormones in our bodies cause a variety of physiological and emotional reactions: sexual dysfunctions, difficulties to get pregnant, menstrual irregularity, etc. Hormonal imbalance may occur at different ages for variable reasons, and sometimes it is not diagnosed, although the effects of hormonal imbalance are apparent, both in women and in men. You might have heard someone close to you saying "all the tests we've done are okay and yet we can't get pregnant"  or " We can't get pregnant for quite some time, although there is nothing wrong with either of us." … And in fact, hormonal imbalance is the real reason for the difficulty to get pregnant and fertility problems. Western hormone replacements become more and more safe and user friendly, however, it is recommended that before using them to test more natural solutions such as herbs, superfoods, Maca Root supplements.  Peruvian Maca returns the hormonal balance to your body, in a safe and natural way!  Read clinical study that supports this conclusion!   

Maca Root improves and enhances sexual functioning both in men and women

 In analysis that was performed on maca root, it was found that the root contains aromatic compounds which is a natural aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire). Maca also improves blood circulation and oxygen uptake.  In Maca's origin country Peru, it’s a long lasting tradition to use maca root to stimulate sexual desire, treatment for impotence, increase Libido.

Maca for men

Motivates and enhances sexual activity, improves hormonal balance and testosterone levels, reduces men menopausal symptoms, restores sexual function for those who suffer from impotence, increases male potency, libido and arousal, more energy and vitality! Read more of this in Maca Root Benefits for Men article.

Maca for women  

Increases desire and sexual arousal, relieves female menopausal symptoms, relieves menstrual cramps and PMS syndrome, increases energy and vitality. Read more in Maca Root Benefits for Women article.

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