Mocha and Chia Seeds Smoothie

mocha and chia smoothie

Chia seeds are superfood that contains eight times more Omega-3 fatty acid than salmon. Chia seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber, and a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. They absorb liquids and therefore contribute to feeling full.

Maca root is an aphrodisiac, strengthens sexual energy. It is an adaptogen with many healing abilities, especially contributes to women's hormonal balance. Maca root will make sure that your energies are high from morning until the end of the day.

Cacao also stimulates your body and makes you feel energetic. It provides energy through its powerful antioxidants and other nutrients that are responsible for blood circulation in the body that make you feel great all day long!

Smoothie Ingredients (2 Serves) :

2/3 cup of organic cashew nuts

2 tablespoons of agave (natural sweetener) or maple

2 tablespoons of RAW cacao powder

1 tablespoon cacao nibs (broken and peeled cacao beans)

1 teaspoon real vanilla (and not synthetic that we all know)

1.5 tablespoons of maca powder (for maximum energy)

1.5 tablespoons Chia seeds

1 1/4 cup of water

6 ice cubes( or more if you love it really cold)

Preparation Directions:

Mix everything in a blender and blend till it's nice and smooth.  Serve while cold and enjoy!!


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