Royal Maca Products Review

royal maca root products

Royal Maca is a leading brand of Maca root products, which is produced at Whole World Botanicals labs under strict supervision. Royal Maca products are certified organic and approved by USDA. Whole World Botanicals don't use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or gas in their products. And their capsules don't contain any sodium laurel sulphate, which is rare in US market of food supplements.

There are a number of unique properties that distinguish Royal Maca from other brands' Maca products: Royal Maca is a USDA approved certified organic product. It is produced from Maca roots that were dried by sun. Royal Maca is grown in unique way to increase its potency and energy boosting qualities. All Royal Maca products contain no alcohol or gluten, and are vegan.

Certified Organic Gelatinized Royal Maca – relieves menopausal symptoms, balances hormone levels in men and women and contributes for regular period cycle.

Certified Organic Gelatinized Royal Maca for Men contributes to higher Libido and healthy sexual function in men.

This Royal Maca Supplements review will review many health benefits of Royal Maca products and hopefully will help you understand which product is the best for your needs.

Organic Royal Maca Capsules

Is an USDA certified organic maca powder, which was sun dried, gelatinized and concentrated into 500mg each capsule. Traditional properties and qualities of this product will contribute for energy boost, increase healthy sex drive, will relieve some of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and will promote balancing of hormones in young women to make period cycles regular. In addition, these Royal Maca capsules are free of gluten. This product fits all ages.

Organic Royal Maca Powder

This is an USDA certified organic maca powder, which was gelatinized and sun dried. It is very much the same product like the capsules, only in powder form. It is recommended for use in men and women of all ages and has now support of scientific studies for its properties in enhancing sexual function, supporting and increasing sex Libido, boosting your energy and balancing your hormonal levels. This product is free of gluten as well. Gelatinized powder is much better for digestion than Raw Maca. Native people generally don't use maca in its raw form

Royal Maca Plus for Women with DIM

This bottle contains 90 vegetarian capsules, 500mg each. Each capsule contains USDA certified organic maca powder concentrate, which was sun dried and gelatinized. This product comes with addition DIM (Diindolylmethane) , which has many healthy biological properties and is now being tested by the National Cancer Institute as a therapy for number of forms of cancer. DIM is very beneficial in giving in women with high estrogen levels and low progesterone. This product has a number of health benefits for women, such as balancing hormone levels and is suggested for women who have estrogen dominance.

Royal Maca Plus for women also relieves PMS symptoms, is good for women with autoimmune problems and is suggested for women who might have breast cancer in history of their family. The product is free of gluten as well.

Royal Maca for Menopause

This bottle contains 120 vegetarian capsules of certified by USDA organic gelatinized (precooked) and sun dried maca concentrate. These maca capsules have many scientifically supported properties that relieve menopausal symptoms. This product relieves hot flashes and vaginal dryness. It promotes better mood and moderates extreme mood changes. It improves sleep quality and supports strong bones. This product is free of gluten as well. Recommended to take between 3 to 12 capsules per day(if your symptoms are severe enough)

Royal Maca for Men

Royal Maca for Men bottle contains 180 vegetarian, gelatinized and gluten free caps. When you use it as a part of your everyday diet, it supports prostate health and healthy sex functioning. Provides great energy boost for the daily activities. 


The high quality of Royal Maca products and the fact that there are many different kinds of Royal Maca products addressing many health issues, makes Royal Maca brand very attractive for anyone who is looking to improve their life quality with best Maca root supplements.

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